[Frequently Asked Questions] AuthorMATIC

Last updated:April 13, 2020

Installation & Upgrade #

Can I install this on a Window Server?

Yes. You just need to be sure your server meet the PHP & MySQL requirement. If your server is configured rightly, AuthorMATIC should work seamlessly.

Can you help me with the installation?

You will need to submit a ticket with your valid license code to verify your purchase. Then we can help you with the installation.

Payment & Refund #

How much is this product?

The actual price of this product is $99. We are currently on PROMO for the first 65 sales. You get 35% OFF if you are part of the first 65 sales. Get yours now!

Can I get a Refund, if I don't like the product?

NO. We do not offer refunds once the product file is downloaded.

Please take your time to check the demo interface well before you make your purchase.