Automatic Update for AuthorMATIC

Automatic Update for AuthorMATIC

From version 1.3.2, you can now update your AuthorMATIC application automatically from Envato. However, you need to have your application purchase code already verified.

In this article, I will take you through the process of validation your Item purchase code and through the easy automatic update process.

Login to the back-end of your website and head to the Application License section of the Miscellaneous settings: Settings - > Misc. -> Application License

Enter your Item Purchase code and click the "Validate License" button. If you need help in getting your Item purchase code, please read this article:

After validation, the Application License section should look like this:

If your have your license successfully validated, you can head to the System Update section: Settings - > System -> System Version/Update

Click the "UPDATE NOW" button to begin the automatic update via Envato. If your API parameter is missing or invalid, you will encounter an error as shown below:

Note, you need to have your Envato API Key, Client Secret and Personal Token fields filled in the API section to use this feature. With a valid API param and validated application license, you should have a smooth update process without any issue.

Watch this video to see a live demonstration of the automatic update process:

PLEASE NOTE: You need to enable and set your CRONJOB to check for new updates periodically.

I hope this article was helpful. Kindly leave a comment or create a support ticket if you have any issue.


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LastModified: September 17, 2020