Updating to version 1.5 [MUST READ]

Updating to version 1.5 [MUST READ]


For this new update, I've been able to fix all common bugs and issue with third party files. If you notice any error, kindly contact me and I will fix immediately.

I will advise you do a manual update for this version 1.5; although automatic update will work just fine but it better to be safe. Remember to do a backup of your database and uploaded files before you proceed. I made some changes to the code and file structure, so you might have to delete some files from your server before uploading. Automatic update will handle all removable files without any issue.

If updating MANUALLY(1.4 to 1.5), remove these files and folder from your server before you upload:

- /libraries/*

- /modules/*
- /themes/_admin/*
- /themes/default/*
- /themes/classic/*

Please use the updater.sql file to update the database if updating manually. Open the .sql file and copy the content; please remember to replace {DBPREFIX} with your table prefix used during installation. Now, run this SQL code with in your PHPMyAdmin.

If you've validated the license before, kindly delete these fields (gc_app_purchase_code and gc_system_license) from the db_settings table in the database to avoid fatal errors.

Remember to set appropriate permission for all users, especially 'member'. All permissions is now duly effective in the application.

If you have a fresh installation, you can copy the JSON setting in the Import-Demo-Settings.txt file and use it to import default setting of the application.

Please update your Google Captcha API key to version 3.

P.S: The Google Analytic plugin has been updated and currently in redesign mode, till Google provides the right API for the Analytics 4. The current version of the plugin still works fine though, but the session expires in a short time. You you will have to re-authenticate to get the analytics data.


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